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Hotel Las Farolas has acquired a commitment to the daily implementation and promotion of sustainable tourism for the good of Guatemala, its beautiful people and its impressive nature. We strongly believe that we must all work thinking about the good around us and the reduction of the negative impacts of our operations, making us aware that every effort, no matter how small, has very large consequences and has multiplying effects. 

We recognize the importance of preserving our colonial city, our customs and traditions, of supporting nearby communities to improve the standard of living of our employees and their families, of educating and participating in actions that raise the level of
awareness about the preservation of our natural resources and our biodiversity. Our daily actions seek a friendly operation with the environment, from the classification, separation and recycling of our waste, to the participation with associations that support biodiversity and ecosystems in the region.

We know that Guatemala is unique and that to keep it that way, we must work to promote responsible tourism.

Helping Others

Supporting our community and surrounding communities is a commitment that we all have at Hotel Las Farolas.  

Each of us actively participates in some action that supports our community, its traditions and cultural and sports activities.  

Year after year we will visit different associations such as Cabecitas de Algodón to get them to celebrate different festivities with food and activities, spend time with them and donate bedspreads, beds or necessary food. Likewise, we seek to support activities that enhance national culture and sports through races, donation of rooms for cultural events and / or rooms.

If you want to accompany us to our visits, please contact the email:


Supporting the environment

Being Guatemala recognized worldwide for its diversity of flora and fauna, for its multiculturalism and its magnificent natural resources, makes it of utmost importance for Hotel Las Farolas to work to maintain these beauties that distinguish us from many other countries in the world.

Clean Project and Sow With Me

This project was developed by our collaborators, with the aim of supporting the cleaning of La Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding areas, as well as helping to plant trees with the support of AMSA (Authority for the Sustainable Management of the Lake Basin of Amatitlán) and the  education to children about the importance of natural resources and ecology with the support of different authorities.

If you want to support this cause, please contact the email:


Agreement with AMSA

We have made a serious and long-term commitment through an Agreement with AMSA (Authority for the Sustainable Management of the Lake Basin of  Amatitlán) for caring for and supporting the rescue of the beautiful region of Lake Amatitlán, a region that has been in great danger of disappearing for many years.  completely due to excessive pollution and the lack of preservation of the ecosystem of this beautiful lake.

For more information and support, please contact the email:

Environmental Education Project

Every year with the support of the Municipality of Jocotenango we have had the opportunity to bring our knowledge acquired about the environment  and its care to schools in the sector.


We do an Environmental Education day in which we participate as educators and we teach more than 100 school children who spend an educational day and holiday around the planet.

For more information and support, please contact the email:

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