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Located in an old shade coffee farm, which was managed by Mrs. Josefina Jonama and her talented daughter Margarita Dressler.  

Both businesswomen harvested and sold the coffee bean to later be roasted and ground. With the vision of both businesswomen,  They founded a pension and hotel called Hotel El Rosario, which was the second hotel in La Antigua Guatemala.  

Accompanied by this, they made several businesses among which stand out, food service, sale of firewood and the construction of the first swimming pool in La Antigua,  where all the neighbors and travelers came to spend a good day.

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This vision was transferred to future generations, so that in 1996 Hotel Las Farolas was built in this old coffee farm,  which opens its doors to the public in December 1997.


  Over the years, services have been increased to make it the hotel that it is today, seeking to personalize the stay of each guest under the concept of rest surrounded by a large tropical garden and give our guests the true flavor that is our beautiful city of La Antigua Guatemala.


We offer our clients unique hotel services surrounded by gardens, fresh air and tranquility, authentic in every step we take.  

With high quality standards and collaborators willing to make a difference in La Antigua Guatemala.



Position ourselves as "The outdoor hotel in La Antigua Guatemala" being recognized for excellence in our customer service;  

raising the quality of life of our employees and maintaining our commitment to quality and the environment.


Spirit of Service:

  We serve our clients with the heart

I respect:

We learn to appreciate all cultures and differences between people, we love nature and our community


Internal value of attending to our daily tasks in personal and professional life


We seek to solve problems with creativity and surprise the client with new ideas


We want the best for our family and thus the best for the company with authenticity

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