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We have taken the responsibility of guaranteeing a healthy and safe stay for all our guests, visitors and collaborators.
For that reason, we are endorsed by the World Tourism and Travel Council which guarantees that we are a hotel that has safe practices to guarantee minimizing the risk of contracting COVID-19 and other viral diseases.
  Likewise, we have acquired the commitment through Inguat by being recipients of the Biosafety Seal that this entity issues to hotels and destinations that demonstrate that they follow all the required biosafety protocols.

Since 2011, we have achieved several quality, sustainability and hygiene certifications that guarantee that we are a
team of collaborators who already know the work under procedures, protocols and guidelines in all departments
of the company.

See here our Biosafety Protocol:

See here a video of how we sanitize your room:

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See here video of all our Protocols

Security in Action

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